Dry Needling

Closeup of shirtless man receiving dry needling therapy from doctor in clinic

Dry Needling is skilled technique performed by a trained Physical Therapist and Chiropractic doctor. The technique utilizes thin solid filament to penetrate the skin and stimulate underlying neurological and muscular tissue.
Benefits of Dry Needling are:
. Relieve muscle pain.
. Relieve trigger points.
. Improves flexibility and range of motion.
. Improves blood flow.
. Improves muscle function, strength and control.
Dry Needling is not Acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on a meridian map which only uses a needle to penetrate the skin to alter or change the flow of energy, “Qi” for treatment of disease. Dry needling is a modern, science-based intervention for the treatment of pain and dysfunction in musculoskeletal conditions using an anatomic map and the neelde penetrates into the muscle.