5 Conditions Mostly Affecting Men

5 Conditions Mostly Affecting Men

If men and women are equal, so are the diseases that affect us – they affect both women and men. However, there are times when diseases affect more men than women and vice versa. If you’re a man, you need to watch out for the following conditions:

  • Sports injuries

    Of course, most of the people who play (and are prone to injuries) are men. They are likely to get sports injuries when playing sports like basketball, football, meter run, swimming, and other sports that involve rigid and physical actions.

  • Achilles’ Tendon

    Injuries affecting the Achilles’ tendon are common to males, specifically basketball players. When a man doesn’t land properly on his feet, he sprains himself, or worse, breaks the Achilles’ tendon, which is responsible for connecting the calf muscles and heel bone.

  • Tendonitis

    Aside from the Achilles’ tendon, men are more affected by tendonitis than women due to their physical activities which lead to this injury. This happens if people tend to overuse their muscles.

  • Ankle sprains

    Men are usually affected by these injuries, unless if they want to have it checked by therapists and have it detected early. Same as the tendonitis wherein they have the same destination, which ankle sprains are also affected with.

  • Automobile accident injuries

    These accidents not just happen usually to men, but to women as well. Therefore, people must be vigilant when taking care of their body to avoid injuries or death.

If you undergo these situations, what do you think is the best thing you should do? Our advice is to have yourself checked by a licensed therapist so they will assess what therapy you should undergo. For trusted and licensed therapists, Forest Point Chiropractic & Rehab Center, Physical Therapy in Manassas Virginia is the answer. For appointments, feel free to call us at 571-292-2600 or visit us at 8811 Sudley Rd., Suite 115, Manassas, Virginia 20110 for consultation.


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